Strawberry Beach

As I am writing this post, it suddenly seems like all I can write about the past days is food-related! Corn, milk and cream and now strawberries…I suspect it has to do with the fact that I still can’t eat well..Heh!

Strawberry Beach is the parcel next to my home on the mainland, a 512 m plot directly to the Linden Road and only separated from my home by the path from the neighbour. In need of some extra prims (one can never have too many!) I got rid of an old parcel on mainland somewhere that I never really used and therefore made it possible to buy this plot with the 512 m I got on my account from that.

Since I am not really ‘living’ at the beach, but have my private residency high in the sky, I was not planning on putting too much stuff on the ground level, but also did not want to be it an empty wasteland. I placed a lovely, cute, small Beachhouse and some flowers on it, and it is free for anyone to hang out.

The furniture in the lil house has some great poses and the chairs and cups of coffee are also dispensers that hand out the props to go with the poses! (reading, drinking etc), so it is small yes..but very complete and I think it looks lovely!

Since the name of the type of house is: Strawberry&Cream Beachhouse (by What Next), I named this piece of land: Caity’s Strawberry Beach.

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  1. Hahaha Sylvia……well of course you have this too….!!! We must have identical inventories!

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