Milk & Cream

Ha, no..this is not a recipe or something like that! Milk and Cream is a magic place,  a floating island filled with lush green forests, tree houses, a barn and secluded spots to hangout or dance.

At the landing point you will find some small shops and also a sign with explanation on what scripts and stuff you are wearing on your avatar do for sim-performance and lag. I always detach my sword and sheath when I go exploring and have removed all scripts from my hair and boots, so I was okay and did not show up on the board (hehe).
Although I understand the purpose and goal of this sign at the entrance, I really doubt any of the new residents (or older ones as well for that matter) will have a clue what this is about. Most people just come in and run to the nearest poseball they see, never minding others standing there or even look around before they go on a stroll. (I see this happening a lot on ImperiuM island as well, really hardly anyone bothers to read our house-rules and requests to not use gestures and try to keep themselves to the script and ARC limit…oh well).

Anyway! Milk and Cream is lovely! Really! Go see it and enjoy..that’s an order..hahaha!


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  1. oh goodness, the horse in the small corral there was certainly eye opening! 0_o

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