Marathon Caye – Wilderness

My two weeks vacation aka Annual Leave has started…it’s a bit weird feeling, and probably needs to sink in yet – it’s my first 2-weeks off in 3 or maybe 4 years! Since the summer in Holland is more than lousy so far, rain 24/7 and some more rain…I took a little break in Second Life this morning and found the, for me, perfect holiday destination: Marathon Caye

A lovely place, with woods and lakes, waterfalls and bears, caravans at a fishing dock and a ballroom (in a tree!!)  for romantic evenings…just perfect!

Bears with cubs!
Ballroom in a tree...
I may stay here for a while!

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  1. Pep says:

    Grab a late deal and get out of the country for a few days next week! Just lying by a pool with a maitai by your side will do your teeth good – or if you prefer a sightseeing holiday (rather than the siteseeing holiday you will hav eif you stay at home and visit SL) see if you can find a long weekend in Petra in Jordan – it’s the most astonishing place I have ever seen.

    Pep (or jump in your car and drive down to Mont-St-Michel in France for some crepes and Calvados, and compare it with the SL version!)

  2. Thanks guys :)
    And Pep…I am afraid I am one of those people that at this point would get even more stressed at the thought of having to arrange a vacation/trip..LOL! I will first take these two weeks to relax and unwind at home. I still have (after this) 4 or 5 weeks of leave to take – it may be better to plan something nice in a couple of months.
    Been travelling quite a bit, my suitcase from last trip is still unpacked and next travel to UK will be my first thing when back to work. Heh.
    I will just sleep a lot, hope for some sun or at least dry weather! and go out on my bicycle, I live in a nice country for biking!
    As I type this, my sister sent me a text that she is in the area and is coming over for a coffee and a hello…good grief, I need to clean up! Argh!

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