Trying out a new look (with teeth!)

Being home alone, in a lousy summer with nothing but black clouds and rain leaves me bored….so I ended up shopping in Second Life on a quest for new shops with things to try out and to dress up myself!

So, today I tried  very (!!) blonde hair and a white outfit. A nice change to the usual black or pink? Am still not sure, but I will try to keep this up for some days. Or hours. Or till my next shopping-spree!

What am I wearing?

Hair – [Shag] Bombshell Powder
Top – *GizzA* Chiffon Shirt Floral Pink
Pants – *GizzA* Flax Pants White
Lipstick – cheLLe Kissable Lipstick Red
Eyeliner – cheLLe Eyepop Mulberry
Eyelashes – Lelutka 2011 Lashes Curl
Teeth – Lelutka Teeth Attachement (whahahaha!)
Skin – Belleza Elle BL Fair 11 Cleavage
Shoes – Maitreya Gold Shanti White
Eyes – Amacci Real Eyes Brown&Green Big
Shape – my own :)

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  1. Very cute!! Let us know if blondes have more fun, no wait they do!! I am one;-)

    1. Thanks Argus! I must say its kind of odd, my avatar with white/blonde hair..LOL. No idea how long I will keep it!

  2. CiCi says:

    “Long time listener; first time caller here.”

    i just wanted you to know I have been following your blog for a while, since before the move to this new site. You have inspired me! Your posts are always fun and you cover two of my favorite things to do in Second Life: Explore and Shop!

    You have inspired me SO much that I am planning on starting my very OWN blog of things I find interesting in SL. I don’t know exactly what the content will be but I think it will be more like yours and less like some others. LoL, I looked at WordPress and it confused me so I looked at Blogger and it looks pretty easy so I will start there.

    I just thought you should know that not only are people reading (even if we do not comment) but that you are having an impact in several ways. A new blogger is born!

    I don’t know how the signature thing works here so…

    1. Hi CiCi,
      Thanks for your kind words! Always nice to know people actually read what I am posting :).
      Oh, and WordPress is not that difficult, although yes…it may take some more time on start up when new in this compared to blogspot :). But don’t let that keep you, am looking forward to your blog, once you get it started, feel free to pass on the link!!

  3. Don Mill says:

    Did I tell you how good you look?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow….that is teh hawt ;)

  5. L says:

    In general I like the looks of those stylized pale skins. If you would have asked me (before trying it) if one would suit your avi I wouldn’t have been sure. It does! Nice look! The teeth are very subtle in the pictures. You don’t look like a demented rabbit! Instead it softens your look.

    I think these changes of skins shows how well done and unique your shape is. I can tell with each look (except things like your android phase), “Oh, that’s Caitlin.” That’s not true of everyone.

    Well done!

    1. Thanks :).
      But ehm: this skin is not new, I have been wearing for the last 2-3 years, it’s together with shape one of the things I never change :p.

      Its just cool that you can now add lipstick, blush and whatnot as tattoo layer and it makes you look different and new, in stead of buying new skins!

  6. Venus says:

    Very nice look, Cait. I like to change hair styles and colors frequently however my ‘base’ hair color is always some shade of blonde. I recall working (DJ) recently wearing a red hair and a patron commented ‘Where is the blonde?’

    Hey, my world. My imagination. LOL

    That top is awesome. I can almost feel the lindens slip from my hands as I buy one.

  7. Venus says:

    /me laughs hard

    I just checked my inventory and I already have one of those lovely tops. YAY me!

    1. LOL! Shopping in your own inventory….sounds sooo familiar!

  8. Ratt says:

    I never listen to a word that Cait says, I only see her for the clothes that she wears..
    I think that the hair could have been whiter.. I suggest everyone get down to Imperium Island and look at her whilst the going is good.. Perhaps get a Katana, maybe start a fight over her?

    1. LOL Ratt, so…you never listen eh? Good to know..hahaha, it will not stop me from talking though, but you knew that already :p
      I will go sit in the sun to bleach the hair some more…

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