Combat and pictures

Last night we were delighted to see some members of ImperiuM returned to our dojo, as this is still a slow time and lots of people are on vacation.

Being all a bit rusty, we did some groupfights (or FFA) just for the heck of it. Kill and be killed. Die and stand up. Good times.

After an hour of non-stop fighting I took a break and tried to make some nice pictures of Ratt, Gihn, Rayne and Luni who were still fighting. It’s always tricky and a decent actionshot is usually a matter of luck. I did not have luck…so the pics are bit odd. Oh well, I blame the animations of the swords!

Ratt and Luni - interesting attack...

Gihn and Luni try to kill – or at least damage – Ratt

Rayne tries to hurt Ratt


7 thoughts on “Combat and pictures

  1. Um, feel free to drop by anytime for lessons, classes, gospel according to Ratt. Everyone Fights, no one quits. The Group is open for enrollment

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