Water Goddess

In all my years in Second Life I have had many avatars, but I have never been a mermaid. I don’t know why not, it just never happened or I simply did not think about it.

However, when I visited the Lost Gardens of Thera, a gorgeous underwater world designed for mermaids and nymphs…I remembered a blog post from Isabelli in which she wore a lovely mermaid – and nymph outfit from Evie’s Closet. While walking on the sea bottom in Thera I quickly looked up the LM’s and went to get myself a real Mermaid outfit. Oh, and the nymph too – because I like the look and for some reason it feels nicer to have two legs….

Then I went to Vita’s Boudoir, where I had seen some great Mermaid hair, with a crown of seashells – very over the top but what the heck! Finally a reason to get it, yay!

Back in The Lost Gardens of Thera I transformed myself into the Mermaid and swam around a bit. Tried some dances and looked at the underwater buildings. I also got a free Mermaid AO, via Marketplace, so I did not look weird walking on my fins!

The Lost Gardens of Thera have several secluded spots for couples dancing (mermaids of course) and it is wonderful to swim around in between the fishes, stingrays and coral!

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