Dancing with Derek

Fridaynight and wow….:I got asked to dance!
Well sort of. There was music and moves. I am not complaining, it’s been a while since I got asked out and we have had a lovely conversation, so thanks Derek :).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rawr. Hot shots. ;)

  2. Derek says:

    Was my pleasure, glad you had fun. ;-)
    (That was fast! lol)

    1. Haha, fast? Oh my..I had this blog ready halfway our dance :p
      (and I did not chop, so you are happy?)

  3. Anonymous says:

    He should have been happier to have you to dance with.

    He doesn’t seem that happy .. going on a limb / limp here … :|

    1. Pep says:

      Are you mixing up your miserable bastards, Anonymous?

      Pep (has a right to be unhappy now that Irish bastard has conspired with the French to screw over the Welsh.)

      PS Xenophobic? No, I just HATE referees; ALL of them! even when we win.

      PPS I am delighted you had a nice Friday night out, the pair of you.

  4. Willem Huisman says:

    It’s only some game of rugby, Pep … ;P

    PS That comment by Anonymous was mine, so no Irish involved there.

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