Back to Black

Since Caity switched to blond hair a while ago, I never really missed the black hair I had been wearing for years! Not saying I will never change colour again, but I am not tired of being a virtual blonde yet.

However, today I found this gorgeous outfit at Avid and it just needs black hair, so I digged in my inventory (note to self: clean up!!) and made Cait a bit of an emo-gothic type. Fits the coming Halloween as well. The bloody face is a tattoo layer from cheLLe, it comes in a blue and green version (vampire and zombie), I am wearing the blue one. Also, there are 3 gradations of blood, heh!

* Outfit: The Unangel by Avid
* Bloody face: The Living Dead 3 (blue) by cheLLe (tattoolayer)
* Hair: UPP382 Blueblack by booN

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Derek says:

    Very nice Cait.
    Though I still say it looks better without the panties.

  2. Tsk! That was an accident!
    And you should not be peeking under skirts….!

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