Mulberry Horror

It was not easy to find a Halloween themed sim this weekend that was NOT overcrowded! After several fruitless attempts, crashes and landing in a pool of griefers and newbs….I finally found a place, Mulberry Horror,  that has it all: attractions, spooky atmosphere, great details and not so many people around, hence  not laggy!

This looks promising!

There is lots to see, so for a starter I went to a real peep-show! I was the only visitor, but the ladies on stage did not seem to mind…


After the show I did a dartgame and won some prize I still have to unpack and treated myself on popcorn, although I did suspect it was not that fresh. Oh well, I am a zombie anyway, so I am not that picky these days!

After I finished the popcorn (well to be honest, I just got rid of the stuff) I met a mad butcher in a trailer. He was kinda busy molesting some corps, while watching tv, so I thought it was best to leave him alone..

Hello mr Mad Butcher!

Then I wandered around the place and found a lovely playground where some sweet, innocent little girls were singing and playing…I decided to hang around a bit and listened to their songs..

Aw, how sweet!

All in all, I think this place is definitely worth a visit! It will be open till the 1st of November, so you may need to hurry.

The best part I will not spoil by telling, but I got actually (RL) surprised by what happened to me…I can only say: visit the church!!

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