Never too orange!

Since I got the new nikola trousers by  Celoe….I can’t seem to take them off. Well, yes of course I could detach them technically, but I don’t want to! I love them! Same for the top, the Ano (also by Celoe). I wear a lot of mesh at the moment and I stopped worrying if other people are able to see it, as most these days have mesh enabled viewers.

A while back I bought the Polywall from Diesel Works, but never really tried it out! I found a bit of time on my Saturday night to rez it and try all the poses in it, showing off my precious mesh. Oh and no, nothing can be too orange. I guess that’s a Dutch thing!

The hair I am wearing on these pics is from Lelutka, called: Bonjour, in the colour Sweeden. I don’t really like the tattoo hairbase from Lelutka, so I am wearing the one that came with my mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, colour Lemon Tea. The ribbon has several colours, so fits most of my outfits. The sunglasses are from Leverocci (mesh) and the boots are also from Lelutka – Ren Black and are……surprise: mesh. They are very well detailed, so they deserve a close up!

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