This evening I ended up in a lovely Italian town, Solaria. It’s with good reason this beautiful place is listed in the Destination Guide under: photogenic spots! It is the perfect location to play with shadows and windlightsettings, but mostly it is just a very lovely place with lots of amazing details! You can sit on a terrace on the mainsquare, near the landingpoint, and watch people coming in and wandering off…or walk around and discover all kind of lovely spots. There is also plenty opportunity for a romantic dance!


Of course I dressed up for the occasion…as one never knows who you might meet (nobody – as usual – in my case)!

I am wearing the new Emma Suit from Leezu, Ann pumps from Hucci (mesh) and a Floral Cardigan (with broche) from The Secret Store.


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  1. hi i am Maveryck Breen a owner and builder with my patner Maizon Rayna of Solaria
    i say thank you very much for your very nice pic on my land and i will include in Solaria facebook

    1. Thank you Maveryck! You and Maizon have a wonderful place, thanks for sharing it with all of us :))

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