Living Doll

Heh, no I am not a Cliff Richard fan, but I have to admit after tonight this silly song is kind of stuck in my head.  The version with the Young Ones that is! The reason?

I have had this Doll Avatar from Coco Design on my wishlist for a while and today I got it, after seeing some snapshots in the feed from Torley and then Keli reminded me that one of her sisters is a Doll.

The Coco Doll is a 100 % rigged mesh avatar and is sold in a special way, quite unlike other avatars. Usually you buy a complete avatar in one go, but that does not work with the Doll!
First you join the Coco Update group, because only then can you get the body for free. It is not for sale! That is the easy part!

Then you enter the shop and choose a head…heh! I choose the Alice – meaning I had the complete avatar but without clothes. The body comes as a smooth (neutral nude), a nude and one with underwear already on it.
To dress her up you can only buy clothes that are made for this Doll, as it has to replace some bodyparts to fit, makes sense! Coco also sells shoes and hair, but as this is a doll I only got her a simple dress (for now…) and hair with a ribbon. I have tried other hair, and that fits too, as long as you can modify it – as the doll has a small head.

I really like this avatar a lot, she is a tiny bit creepy, but that’s the fun of it!

The shop, by the way, is an attraction on its own! An amazing place, even if you are not going to buy a doll…..then at least go take a look at this store!

A small warning for when you do get the avatar: it is mentioned in the notecard that comes with it: be sure you have a copy of your original (non-doll) shape before you wear the doll! It may happen, as they say…something can perhaps go wrong with your shape.
Well……it happened to me! My Caity shape was a mess when I transferred back..LOL! I have copies, so no worry and besides that a relog fixed the deformed one as well :))


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    I LOVE Coco! I have never had the guts to buy that doll avatar, though. But, your blog post might just be the thing to convince me. I love it’s delicate feet and toes, too!

    I can see why this eerie face might appeal to you. You love those creepy yucky films! :)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Heh Venus, yeah her face is strange. I should have done a close-up as the eyes are truly amazing – so real!
      Cait (lol, forgot to login and am now an anonymous on my own blog)

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