Azul & Alirium Frost

Yeah..I know, I promised myself ages ago to NOT buy anymore gowns or dresses that are made for dancing…
I suppose I am weak, because when I hopped over to Azul a couple of days ago I fell in love with their new release: Callypso, designed for Miss Greece in the Miss Virtual World Contest. I bought it, I could not help myself, in the colour Topaz.

It is a very dramatic dress, made for pictures and windlight and all. Well, it is probably made for romantic dates, but I will have to settle for the photoshoots :).

I dressed up and travelled to Alirium FROST, as this is an amazing place and perfect for the photo’s I had in mind!


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  1. Pep says:

    Love the dress and everything else.

    Pep (is getting jealous of those n00bs)

    1. lol Pep! You dont think I would let a n00b come near me and this dress? They may step on it and it was certainly not a cheap one…can’t have that!!! :)

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