Chouchou – Memento Mori

This morning I finally found my way to the Cathedral on Chouchou, thanks to Sy who went exploring and was obviously more patient in finding out the teleporters! The groundlevel of Chouchou is photogenic as well, but the Cathedral in the sky is amazing! You can pick up a free cinematic HUD, which really enhances the whole experience – you feel like you are walking in a movie!
Sy and I agreed: you can stay there all day and with your graphics turned up to the maximum, play with windlights and shadows to enjoy the scenery and taking pics!

I took lots of pics, some of them directly to my profile, but it is best if you go see for yourself and let yourself get overwhelmed!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    This is one of my favorite pics you took from that visit. Sy playing piano and you dancing happily. Very lovely!

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