The small things

Or better, the small places!

I mean…I was exploring a bit today, been to the ‘big’places that are in Destination Guide or otherwise popular and had a good time. Then suddenly, via all kind of tp’s and LM’s I was in Auggers Gallery – where they have some nice collections of SL pics on display by various photographers. I looked around a bit and then stepped outside to see what else there was.

A small, but beautiful garden at see. I sat down and zoomed around and found it delightful! Nothing huge, nothing big…maybe not even special. But special enough to notice the lovely details and special enough to take the time to appreciate it!

Rocks rock!
Pretty island

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  1. venus petrov says:

    Wonderful! Sometimes, as in RL, we need to kick back and really take a look around. There is beauty just about everywhere. :)

    1. Thanks Venus :) And yes, I think I have been too focussed on the ‘big’ sims, gorgeous too, but a bit of appreciation for the smaller ones every now and then is easy !

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