SL9B – Party and Tisa

Last night I explored the sims Party and Tisa, homes to even more amazing buildings! It is seriously a lot of work to go and see everything and to decide what to blog about, I wish I could cover everything!!

On Party I got drawn to a rather sweet build by Fairyzette Sahara, I just love the expression on these adorable faces and the overall colours and set-up!


On Tisa I found a parcel called ‘Geisha’s Dream’, a serene little Japanese garden, tucked away in between huge and colourful buildings. Wonderful and reminded me of my good old katana days..:)

Since I have been happily snapping away with my camera, I am struggling what to do with all the nice images….So here two random pics I took, just because I like them!

on Jamboree
The hot desert of Shindig

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  1. Tem Haalan says:

    Thank goodness for Caity blogging SL9B, I get to see it without having to deal with the crowds/lag. I may make a short list of the best places I’ve seen here, like “Geisha’s Dream” and just visit them. Great blog as usual Cait!

  2. Venus says:

    Another standout review! Thank you, Caity :)

  3. Thank you for reading, am happy to read you enjoy it ;)

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