Second Life Pic of the Day 06/22/2012

Second Life Pic of the Day 06/22/2012.

Yeah, I am proud and honoured….again!


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  1. Tem Haalan says:

    For some reason the picture isn’t showing up here for me but I know which one it was and it was a great shot. Nice one Caity!

  2. I dont think it is a link as I expected it to be…LOL. I will update this post with a proper image asap. Alas, I had that all ready, then my PC died – it’s away for repair and I am on a new machine now…meaning I do not have all my pictures, they are on the other machine….New start eh? :) Same for my SL9B blogs, I made tons of cool images yesterday, but meh!

  3. How did you get your photos into teh SL pic of the day? I was curious. Do you have to join a flickr group or something?

    1. Hi Cranston, yes you have to submit your picture to the Second Life Official group on Flickr and then it can be chosen for pic of the day :). Here the link to the group:

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