Rain (down on me)

So tell me where you are,
Tell me how you feel.
Tell me what you need,
Just tell me how you feel.
And let it all just rain on me,
Let it all just rain on me,
Let it all just rain on me….
Rain down on me.

This afternoon, while I was lounging around a bit in SL on my day off, Ziki dropped me a LM to a new place she blogged about and which is very much worth a visit: 2304 RAIN.

When I went to explore it, I had Kane’s ‘Rain Down On Me’  in my head. I am not a fan of Kane (a Dutch band) but the remix DJ Tiesto did is okay! (youtube included at end of this post)

Anyway, 2304 Rain! A wonderful place, with……rain. Lots of it. Pouring down, visually and audible. Be sure to take your umbrella and wear wellies, you will need them! Rain is a joy for those who like to experiment with windlight settings and take pictures, you can create your own mood. Make it dark, do monochrome (like Ziki did, awesome pics!) or coloured.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Venus Petrov says:

    Stunning photos! I will visit soon :)

  2. Bassima says:

    Thank you, going there tonight =)

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