Tears in Rain – by Noke Yuitza

Tears in Rain is a book by Rosa Montero, a Sci Fi detective situated in a post Blade Runner City in 2109. No, I have not read it, but after my visit to the new art installation ‘Tears in Rain‘ by Noke Yuitza I got interested and googled it.

Tears in Rain, on one of the LEA sims, looks amazing and Noke built it after the book. When I was there, Noke was explaining her work to a group of visitors, so I listened in (I felt like sneaking in a group of tourist having a guided tour in a museum, hehe) and so I heard she had the permission of the publisher to use the book for her art in SL. Noke is Italian, and therefor the passages from the book she used in her installation are in Italian, but do not let that stop you to explore this magnificent city!

(Now, I may even get the book…it’s on Kindle too!)

Welcome in 2109!
Welcome in 2109!
View from above
View from above


Just before I left this immersive piece of work, I was gifted a Flower by Noke. It is a replica of the flowers you see floating in the installation and it is wonderful! :).




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