Mens sana in corpore sano…

..or as I know the expression “a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

Why do I come up with this? Well. Last year hasn’t been a particularly healthy year for me, both my body and mind got screwed up. I first worked on fixing the mind, then the body. Once I was ‘declared’ fit enough I started Yoga, which surprised most of the people I know including myself, and I found it wonderful! After some months I really felt it worked, for the mind and the body.
Then, when I got better and better and things started to fall into places and I got stronger again, it was time for some more physical training. Getting myself back into shape as it were. When I was a young Caity, I was always busy with sports. Seven days a week. Gymnastics, table-tennis, street-dance, aerobics… I could not get enough of it. Then I grew older and with that the business career hopped along, taking time..making me tired, I started to skip evenings of work-outs, traveled a lot and could not bring myself to going to the ‘complimentary’ gym most hotels have but instead logged into the internet on my hotel-room while ordering room-service. When at home, I worked in the office from 7AM till 8PM and when I got home..I just wanted to either sleep or login to SL and be lazy.

Anyways! Last years events and what happened to me opened my eyes, in many ways. So when I discovered  Yoga, it  helped me getting back in shape a bit (getting back the flexibility, breathing better and an overall feeling of well-being and getting stronger), so I got the ‘green light’ for fitness. I choose to do so with a personal trainer, as I did not feel comfortable with a gym-membership and no guidance whatsoever. Also, I have to admit, I can afford a personal trainer. For me, this was a matter of priority – fixing myself in a responsible way – and so yeah, it costs monies. Anyways: the first weeks were torture and I felt ashamed about the shape I was in! My goodness!


Now I am 3 months further and since a months, and with an OK from my doctors (they still keep an eye on me :)), I added another evening of working out : kick boxing! Not with the objective to actually fight, but for  the training, and it………..intensive! The best thing about kick boxing training I discovered for myself: I can really NOT think of anything else while doing it. Whilst during the regular fitness sessions and Yoga even, my mind can wander off and it gives me time and opportunity to ‘worry’. Kick boxing however, requires full attention and all I can do for an hour is focus on kicking and punching, moving and balancing. It is very intense, it is exhausting..but the best part is: it clears my head! Ah yes, and the added bonus is: strong muscles, fab abs and I am actually gaining some weight – or at least it looks like it, so I look better already!


I have now found a mix that works for me: fitness, kickboxing and yoga, I am loving every minute of it! Mens sana in corpore sano :)


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  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    For reasons that don’t matter, I’m following that same path. Better said, trying to, since several months ago, for not all my days are good. Anyway, whenever I get two weeks in a row, my mind notices too, and it’s clear and up for work for more time a day. Even if just for that, it is worth it. But there are a lot more benefits.

    Anyway, good for you! :-)

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