Seven Facts About My SL


Ah yes, a meme. Although I like to read those, on other blogs, I hardly participate in them, usually because by the time I have is old news and the next one is hot!Seven facts about my SL was brought to my attention by Ginger, who in turn got it from Strawberry Singh (the starter of this meme) and so I gave it some thoughts and decided to hop on!

So, there I go!

Facts about my SL, nr 1:
Caitlin is technically an Alt. My first account had her 6th rezday last Sunday (pls keep it quiet, I like her in sleeping mode….). My first account, let’s call her C., was a hostess and dealer in a very popular Pokerpalace and made a sh*tload of Linden Dollars when poker was still legal in SL. After the ban on gambling, it almost seemed impossible to lead a decent SL, as her name was known in the huge poker-community and everytime she logged in she got bombarded with IM’s and invitations for ..ahem..illegal, underground gambling. I got tired of that, and to escape the obscure world of illegal poker-rooms, I created an alt: Caitlin Tobias. A new SL began! C. is not deleted, she sleeps. She still looks like 2007, a true Glamazon and for nostalgic reasons I keep her. (sub fact: When my friend Ratt and I started the ImperiuM Clan, for Katana fighting, I could pay 8 months for our homestead-sim, ImperiuM Island from the Linden Dollars I had saved on C.’s account, her socalled ‘poker money’.)

Facts about my SL, nr 2:
The name ‘Caitlin Tobias’ is not at all random. I took time and effort in it. I wanted to have an avatar with a name that sounded like how I used to call myself in real life when I was a toddler and had difficulties pronouncing my own first name. I called myself: Cato or Kaatje. My Dad still calls me Kaatje. I found the last name Tobias, and then I came up with Caitlin. The first two letters of my firstname and lastname make: CaTo. The signature on my pics in SL, and …..well, the cato/kaatje :). (by the way, I never made it a secret that my real life first name is Caroline).

Facts about my SL, nr 3:
I have been a SL Mentor and spent a lot of time in Waterhead Welcome Area helping out new residents, together with other mentors. I have learned a lot doing so, met wonderful people and always enjoyed it. I still go at least once per week to Waterhead 0r Morris to help new people getting started, giving them LM’s to useful places and in a lot of cases I give them my (fashionable, mesh, so: not old crap) outfits – as I have lots I dont wear and it is so easy to make someone happy! I am not the only one, it is always fun to meet other former Mentors and catch up!

Facts about my SL, nr 4:
I cannot build nor script. I am not a creator. I lack the patience. Although in 2008 and 2009 I made some statues for fun and to my surprise, after I showed it to someone, I got asked by Galleries and such for exhibitions. I sold….loads and loads of my ‘modern art’…..I felt embarrased at times, but apparently people appreciated my….creations. I still get the occasional IM about it, and to think I stopped doing it in 2009 – as I got bored with Vernissages and the whole artsy-fartsy scene! I did not consider myself an Artist. Good times though!

Facts about my SL, nr 5:
I started as the Girl Next Door Avatar, in jeans, purple shirt and flipflops. I am still wearing that shape! I tweaked it over the years, but I never bought a shape! So yeah, I am still the Girl Next Door!

Facts about my SL, nr 6:
I always run. I cannot walk….It is a habit I got from years of Katana fighting, in fights you have to set yourself to ‘always run’. I annoy myself when just: walking! Also, I tend to forget to wear or turn on my AO. Also a habit from being a katana-fighter. I often dont notice it myself, till someone points it out to me.

Facts about my SL, nr 7:
I have several parcels of Mainland, since two years. One of them is a Linden Home. I use one parcel for myself, the rest is for ‘homeless’ friends and sometimes I let a friendly new resident use the Linden Home. For free, just to get them started. Yes, I get disappointed by some of them, but mostly it ends up in either nice friends or….people who had a good start and were happy and then moved on to their own Second Life. I do not need to keep in touch with all of them, after all….my SL goes on too!

OHAI Parrot and N00b!
OHAI Parrot and N00b!

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  1. Uccello says:

    Very interesting post and such a nice idea about lending out your Linden home!

    1. Thanks Uccie :).It was fun and in a weird way…good to look back and making this ‘list’. Yeah, the Linden Home, LOL. I figured, I have it, I can afford ‘spending’ the 512m it takes and it is just so easy to help a new resident by giving them a home – knowing it usually dont last too long but I don’t care – to live and learn :). I had a good friend helping me out when I was new and I am still thankful for that. SL is not as simple as it may seem, and we all can use a little help when new..and we all can lend a hand when a bit older :).

  2. I have this thing about always running or flying too when I can. I feel like if I walk, I am just wasting valuable time. Thank you Caitlin, it was great to learn more about you. <3

  3. Thank you for sharing! I share my Linden home, too, and haven’t really regretted it yet – usually the people are friends who need privacy or a place to rez and change clothing. I prefer having company to not having it :-)

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