Vintage Vinyl

It’s no secret I like a bit of exploring on the quiet Saturday- and Sunday mornings, sipping a hot coffee and curled up in my PJ’s. This morning I visited a new place, Vintage Vinyl Record  & Café. A lovely place, built in a huge globe high in the sky. I never mind buildings in the sky, but the only thing I always find a bit disappointing is that is prevents you from using shadows and windlights, since the closed walls/roof make them useless. However, do not let that keep you from visiting this amazing place!

It has a delightful café, the music stream plays Indie Music, perfect to sit back and listen while slowly waking up! Outside the café you find deserted farmlands, with grass, some vehicles and tunnels..a great atmosphere and (even without the full options for windlight and shadows – yes I will shut up about it..) it is super for taking nice photo’s!

I sat in the café, listening to the music while writing this blog and preparing the photo’s, and I think I may sit here for a while…..ah, bliss, more coffee please!



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