SL Pet Peeves, I haz ’em!


Usually I live a pretty happy and cheerful Second Life, I do not like to complain a lot about other people, their choice of second life-style or how they look, dress and decorate their home as I believe strongly in ‘to each their own’. Also, technically speaking I do not have a lot of issues and have, in some cases when I had them, I always been helped by Live Chat Support without fail. I know the grid can go offline, servers crash, connections stop working…all not the end of the world and no reason for me to go into a hissy fit or rant.
Strawberry’s new meme is about your five SL Pet Peeves and even though I would like to think  I don’t have them, apparently I do….I just never write or speak about them. Often. Hah!

Now, first: none of my Pet Peeves in the list concern new residents aka the real n00bs. They often have no clue, are lost in a new world and need to learn a lot. We were all once new and we all bumped into people or had no idea what a ‘private home’ meant etc.
If I have Pet Peeves about people, I speak of older, experienced residents. People from who I expect they know better. Or should.


Here they are…!
I. Full bright jewelry, decorations, prim parts of whatever that are NO Modify! I have bought some lovely jewelry in the past (and recently too even) and got so disappointed to discover I light up like a Christmas-tree when out dancing in a nice venue – in a gorgeous dress…switching  to a more romantic wind-light and: aaarrgh! Please, designers… full bright or at least make them modify, or as I have seen in one Mandala set: include both versions in the package!

II. Don’t stand so close to me! I love to go dancing in Ambrosia Danceclub, at least 2 nights per week. I like some personal space, and no..I do not need the entire dance floor and I know it is a busy club, but come on: there is no need to dance IN me, or do some wild tribal dance very close to me – waving your arms through my head. Step away and find a nice spot, it is really not that difficult. I also do not like people moving their avatar nose-to-nose with me while chatting. It is unnecessary. Chat range is quite some meters and I may be a bit weird, but I feel uncomfortable with someone so close to me, even though it is an avatar, yeah yeah, I know. I just like my personal space :).

III. Display names in weird characters. Maybe I am just too old for that stuff, but I just cannot like it, the weird symbols replacing normal letters used for display names. In many cases I have no idea on how to call someone with a name ‘written’ that way. I makes my head hurt and my eyes bleed. And I find it childish looking too.

IV. Lack of manners in conversation. The fastest way to have me end a friendly chat is to start asking me about my real life when we do not even know each-other. If I feel the need to share private information, I will do so when the time is right and I feel it is OK. It is not important to know my rl age and where exactly I live in the first conversations, heck..maybe it is never important.  There are enough other topics to talk about :). Lack of manners also include rude language or assuming I am into sex and inviting me for adult activities. Both will make me end the chat immediately and if one insists on talking to me like that, I am not shy in using the mute button.

V. …… I cannot think of a fifth one, other than maybe one that has been mentioned by others as well as it is a common one: people who keep standing on a landing-point, preferably a busy event,  blocking the arrival of others and making me hover in the air with my arms flailing. Come on people, land > step away a few steps > let it all rezz! Easy peasy!

Credits for what’s in the pics:
Phone and pose by Adorkable
Facial expression done with the free Anypose HUD
Hair from EMO*tions – Karen
Top by The Seahole
Location: private


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  1. I cannot agree with you more about #4. Nothing is more creepier to me when someone starts a conversation by asking me where I live and how old I am and what I do for a living. Like srsly? This is SL, I don’t have to share anything about my RL if I don’t want to. So many other things to talk about! Thanks for participating again Caitlin! <3

  2. I love your pics for this post :-)

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