It is what it is


I’ve been thinking quite a while on how to put in words what I want to explain! Nah, nothing too serious, but a topic that I had in my head for some weeks and it got triggered again by a thread on the feed the other day.

Venus posted a wonderful photo from a visit to  Neva River, featuring an old friend of mine, Alles’ –  who was apparently setting up a scene for one of her amazing pictures. I admire Alles’ work greatly as she is a master in finding accesoires and decor for her fantasy-creations.
Anyway, I said in a comment that I wished I was that creative and so it went and we all kind of agreed it is cool to see, or at least get a peek at,  what other people have in their head when it comes to creativity and fantasy.

OK, so maybe I have a bit of creativity and some fantasy,  but the main thing is: I LOVE fiddling around taking pictures. It’s simply my hobby and my way of enjoying Second Life. I do not put  a lot of thought in them as in terms of planning and thinking a scene out, or even trying to express some emotions, nor do I use my real life as inspiration:  they happen when they happen. Some are nice, some are average, some are funny, some are just meh and every now I  then I am extremely proud of myself when a picture turns out to be all wonderful!
Occasionally I let myself go, when I am in the right mood and in the right spot on the right  time. I love that. And I cannot plan it! Sitting somewhere and trying out all kinds of windlights, poses and losing track of time while saving load of images to hard disk.  I usually then let them sit a bit on said hard disk and when I feel I have time and again: the mood..I go in Photoshop and pick out the ones I like most for Flickr or this blog. Lovely, a very satisfying hobby and it relaxes me. A nice glass of wine, iTunes and play-time.

Sometimes I get messages or reactions on pictures, from someone who felt touched or saw something in it they really liked, that is cool! I like to share my hobby, and if someone appreciates my ‘work’ I feel proud and happy. It is, however, up to the ‘viewer’ to interpret  the picture. As said, often they have no special thought or meaning, but ah well: exceptions  to this rule exist :)
Last night was one of those nights, I spend at least 3 hours in Neva River (it will be open for another week, so if you have not been there yet….go go go !) and was playing with my Outerspace mesh Avatar I blogged about a few months ago. I dressed her up with the leafy wings from Claudia Jewell’s mesh avatar I got last year and had a blast. The pics in this blog posts are the result, I like them and I enjoyed myself. A lot. And sometimes that is enough, isn’t it?



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