*R U S T *

Once again Cica Ghost transformed a LEA sim into a wonderful world. You may remember her from her famous black and white installation a while back – which was featured on many snapshots on the SL Feeds – and with reason.

*R U S T *  is Cica’s new installation and as the name tells you: it is rust. Rusted trees on rusted chains, surrounded by flowers made of rusted gears. Rusty machines and even rusty elephants! The ground is, well..rusty! A surreal environment, best viewed in a not so happy and bright windlight – although that can be fun too!

I visited this wonderful place last weekend and returned today, as doll, to take pics. But, as usual…my pics do not do the work justice, it is best to just go there and enjoy. Oh and hover your mouse over various builds, some have surprising poses in them :).




Tip: don’t forget to visit Cica’s shop, she sells her art and also amazing outfits inspired on her art! Fun!


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  1. excellent pictures! Love the whimsy :)

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