Fantasy Faire 2013 – Lotus Valley Dream

Oh my, another blogpost on the Fantasy Faire 2013, but hey..I can’t help it; so many gorgeous sims to explore and so many wonderful builds to drool over. And to think I still have not shopped there yet!

Anyway! This evening I spent on Lotus Valley Dream, created and designed by Marius Inkpen (who’s art installations  I greatly admire) and Sharni Azalee, both are from The Looking Glass and also sponsors of this region.

This place took me back to the good old days when I was a Samurai in Second Life, but I resisted the urge to wear my katana :P. The Asian buildings, the shops are in pagoda’s, are magnificent and the main-building, the castle, amazing. The latter is so huge..I really tried to make a decent picture of it but I had to give up  – also, and this is my personal pet peeve (oh hey, another one) a panoramic view showed too much of the surrounding sims to my liking and I have seen other wonderful pictures of this building already on Flickr and various blogs, so I decided to do what I love most: find details and lovely spots! Well, LOTS of those to be found here!






For a list of vendors in this region, click here!

(All my pictures from this Faire can also be viewed in a set on my Flickr!)


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  1. sakkidra says:

    Your photos are simply beautiful.

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