Fantasy Faire 2013

I can’t get enough of exploring the Fantasy Faire 2013 sims, and that’s why I am so happy the opening is extended with a day – so it will not close today…but will be open tomorrow as well! There are so many things I want to see again, explore some more, have a closer look,  take pictures of before it is gone!

On one hand I think it is such a shame all those beautiful place will be gone soon, on the other hand..that is maybe why it is so special and so easy to enjoy it!

Today I flew around several sims, having a good time and did not even take that many pics! I admit I like dressing up as an elf of some sort and this afternoon I bought a gorgeous dress from The Muses, on Marketplace…The Muses have a shop on the Crimson Field sim, with wonderful gowns – but not this one I am showing in this post, you can find it here.

What I got on the Faire today was this lovely necklace from Star Design, to be found on the Evensong Woods sim, where I also took these pics, using the poses of Musa!:



The nice thing about this gown is, it is made of  two parts mesh (an under-dress/skirt and a kirtle) and clothing-layer (shirt and glitch-pants), so you can choose how much body you wish to show…..:)



What? Well, that is was so much fun to dress up as an Elf!
It started with ears…then the Fantasy Faire started and I got  a dress, and another one…and then today I found this outfit and before I knew it, I became an Elf of the Woods. Or something. OK, I am not a roleplayer and I am usually not even into Fantasy-things, but I like this look and am not bored with it yet. Isn’t that cool about SL, you can be what you want and when you want with one single click on outfits!

caverna obscura_002

caverna obscura_001

– Dress, flowers, bracelets and boots come as a complete (mesh) outfit, sold as a single RFL item, by Caverna Obsura in the Lotus Valley Dream sim of the Fantasy Faire 2013.
– Hair is from Wasabi Pills (Selene in Seafoam), available at the Fantasy Faire 2013 on the Magnificat sim
–  Ears from Lemon Tea
– Pose by Musa –  available on the Fantasy Faire 2013 – Magnificat

Pictures shot on location in the Fantasy Faire, Fairelands Junction, using the latest Firestorm viewer with all bells and whistles enabled (hence no photoshopping needed other than a tiny bit of sharpening my face, blurring the alpha layer-line my hair caused with the background and adding signature and frame.)  This is how the raw, uneditted version looks like, not bad at all!

With this blog-post  I have now covered all sims of the Fantasy Faire 2013! The coming days, the Faire runs till 29th April, I will for sure go back to them for…well, maybe some more pics and some shopping!
Before the Faire started I promised myself to visit each sim and cover them on my blog and oh my… did I enjoy doing this!
I will be honest though and admit I have some favourites….that is normal, as there is such a variety in styles and designs, it is almost impossible to really love all!

The DragonSpire was a true challenge to cover for me. For one, this sims theme is not really my kinda thing and two: it is a huge cave – sim wide – and that makes it so hard to take decent pictures as it is impossible to vary with windlights, nor can you use shadows properly. Well, I mean: *I* had trouble with that, maybe other people find it easy! And all I want to do in this blog is show the nice stuff, the beauty and show off the hard work and creativity  the designers/builders put into all this, for us!

The DragonSpire is created by Khyle Sion and sponsored by The Arcanum and consists of 3 levels in total! You land on the groundfloor, inside the cave which is filled with the shops (click here for a store list) and also crystals allover. The crystals reminded  me a bit of the Linden Realms! When you jump in the hole in the middle you end up in the Grotto, a maze of tunnels – again filled with shiny crystals – and a pond.
Now, I was walking around, trying to snap the crystals but wasn’t happy with my pictures and so I flew up to get some fresh air and to have a look around the outside of the cave.
And there it was……..the view on the roof made me a w00t and  YAY! What a view! I love this!

Dragon Spire - I

Dragon Spire - II

‘It’s a cartoon world!’ is one of the phrases my friend Ratt would shout at me when I got all depressed or too excited and so on about stuff happening in SL. He is right, ya know..

Today I visited the Ravenshard sim on the Fantasy Faire, and ‘it’s a cartoon world!’ Wow and yeaaaaah, for Fantasy! This sim is designed and sponsored by Mayah Parx from Epic Toy Factory, and oooh my is it epic or what?

Tim Burton comes to mind, together with Willy Wonka….a delightful place to stroll around and let it sink in. Remember: It’s a cartoon world!’.

Ravenshard - II

Ravenshard - I

Ravenshard - IV

Ravenshard - III

For a full store list on Ravenshard, click here!

Also very much worthwhile: the 50 seconds of  Draxtor’s quick impression of this magical place:

Technically I should have started my coverage of the Fantasy Faire on the Fairelands Junction, as this is the main landing point of the event and it has the portals to all other sims. Portals, wonderfully made in trees!

The Faireland Junctions is a magical forest, very lush and filled with colourful flowers. It is designed by Saiyge Lotus and sponsored by Oceania Breedables.

When you get there, you automatically land in front of the portals, but it is very much worthwhile to take some time and step away and have a walk through the forest, to the pond with a beautiful waterfall and – after all it is a RFL event – the ‘Vale of Remembrances’,  a tasteful wall around the pond, with candles burning, a lovely spot for some quiet reflections and well…remembrances.

Fairelands Junction II Fairelands Junction III Fairelands Junction IV

I felt all fairytale -like when I wandered around in this painting like forest, so I wore a wonderful gown from Evie’s Closet and hair by Wasabi Pills (both to be found on the Magnificat sim), completed it with my elf-ears from Lemon Tea (the pose on the pic is by Musa!) and then an 80’s song popped in my head….(from a popular Dutch Band back then)

In a sleeping world nothing seems absurd
Fortune fairy-tales rolling by in a frame
When you wake it has passed and gone

Fairelands Junction I

So many sims, so little time! Reason for a second blog-post today, as I am really trying to cover all the amazing sims of the Fantasy Faire before the event ends (28th April, so you still have time left to go have a look and/or shop).

This afternoon I went to Crimson Fields. I must admit, I thought Titans Hollow was a challenge for photography…..Crimson Fields is too, maybe even more. Maybe that is because I always want to feature the place itself and try to keep the neighbouring sims out of sight, which in this particular case was not an easy task.
Crimson Fields is created and sponsored by Laufey Markstein from T R I D E N T and it is..well a field. Covered in red roses and surrounded by a wall of rocks on which the shops are located. There is a really huge tower made of rocks at the end of the sim, and smaller one with a rose-covered cage on top at one of the sides. It sure is Crimson and it sure is a field!

An edit :  I was pointed to the blog of Softpaw Sommer, in which she explains that this sim is inspired on the Dark Tower series from Stephen King. Shame on me…I am a huge fan of Stephen King, but..ahem…his Dark Tower series aren’t my favourites and I have only read one or two. (Is that a good enough excuse….cough cough!)

I could not resist  purchasing a lovely gown at The Muses (see last pic in this post, it is an RFL item) while zooming and running around, it’s lovely and even though it may be fantasy, it certainly will look good on an evening out dancing. It comes with a mesh cloak, which I am not wearing on the pic.




For a full store list on Crimson Fields, click here.

Another rainy and grey day over here in The Netherlands, and since my neighbour found it necessary to do some home improvement with the loudest.drill.ever. starting at 7AM…I was up early and decided to visit Evensong Woods, another beautiful sim in the Fantasy Faire 2013, pretending not to hear the drilling and sawing next door.

Evensong Woods is created and sponsored by Searlait Nitschke from Roawenwood and it is lovely. The shops are all located in the tree tops of these woods, connected with wooden walkways. Naturally, as I always do, I jumped over the railings and landed on the ground, in a magical forest filled with blue mushrooms and some lovely ponds and streams. Oh, luckily  I shopped last night (yay for first time since Faire opened!) and thought the dress I got from Fatewear and the wasabi Pills hair perfect to wear while exploring this place, what a great way to start the day. Well, besides the drill.




So proud LL has chosen this as Pic of The Day:


For a full list of shops on this sim, click here.

As for my outfit on the last pic: The dress from FATEwear can be found on Titans Hollow and Wasabi Pills, for the hair,  on Magnificat. Both are RFL Items.