Fantasy Faire 2013 – Valley of Ish’Nar

Ah, Sunday mornings…lovely! I woke up this morning by the sun peeping through the curtains, shining right in my face. Well, that and the incredible noise of a couple of Ducks in the river under my bedroom window, f…ahem…fighting! The joys of Spring!

I made myself my favourite Sunday breakfast: hot coffee in huge mug and Honeyloops. Logged into SL and decided to explore another sim of the Fantasy Faire – The Valley of Ish’Nar.
What can I say……once I was rezzed and pushed up the graphics to Ultra and my drawdistance to 500 meters I was in total awe. Really. I kept zooming and running around and taking snapshots, from one corner to the other – like a mad thing.
I think I fell completely in love with this build by Rynn Verwood. When I looked down to my desk,  I saw my Honeyloops were still untouched and swollen and sloppy and all ewwww (I hate it when they do that….) and my coffee was cold. That’s what this place did to me!


The Valley of Ish’Nar is not a shopping sim, it is the host sim for the second part of the ‘Key of Hope Hunt‘, but even for non-hunters it is a definitely must visit! It’s Gothic look and feel asked for some darker windlight-settings, I had to get used to that as I usually make bright, happy, pictures :). The details in here are fabulous and the stream plays appropriate music (Fantasy Faire radio) to make you immerse even more!


It was relatively quiet and lag-free, could be due to the time of day. And mainly because the HUNT will start later this week, probably Tuesday (It will be announced), so it may be that this sim is not open to the public yet!




Sim design by rynn Verwood.
Sponsored by: Aeros Avatars ~ Dark Goddess Designs ~ Dwarfins ~ FANAVATAR and Moonstruck ~ FATEwear ~ F*ucking Ninjas ~ L’Uomo ~ Spyralle.

All my pictures taken at the Fantasy Faire 2013 can also be viewed in full in a Flickr-set on my Flickr.


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