Dragonlolth – The Dark Island of Uhre

Always looking for wonderful places to explore, I browsed through the Destination Guide and decided to go visit Dragonlolth. According to the DG, this is a sim for dragons, elves, fairies and all are welcome.

For the occasion, it wasn’t mentioned or listed as roleplay sim but you never know, I dressed up as an Elf and off I went.

OK. ‘A sim’…is not right, this is a complete estate with about 10-15 sims, completely decorated and landscaped into a Fantasy Wonderland. With Castles so huge and detailed I gave up making a decent picture, swamps, statues, forests, sea-shores with shipwrecks…..AMAZING!

I did not get a set of rules upon arrival, nothing about roleplay or whatsoever (they do have lots of free outfits for men and women at the landingpoint though, so I assume it is appreciated to visit dressed appropriately) and I wandered around all alone (!!!!)  in this gorgeous environment.

Yes, I will need to go back for more…..Tonight I visited “The Dark Island of Uhre” and “The Dragon Empire of Uhre“, but as said..there is more and I dare say, even if you are not into dragons, elves or fantasy: it is still worth a visit, it is great for taking pictures or just be amazed :).

Uhre_001 Uhre_002

Uhre_003 Uhre_004


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