When searching for men’s fashion, ahem yes I do that sometimes, I ended up at Egoisme. Although their website says it is a wellknown brand for men’s fashion, female couture and skins..I have to admit I never heard of them. Also, on their website it’s mentioned they re-opened or re-designed their sim on Dominus this last weekend. Reason enough to TP and have a look.

I landed on what I consider one of the coolest landing-points in SL! A train-station, complete with luggage, trains, clocks…and so wonderfully detailed, I was sold before I even entered the rest!

Stepped aside quickly as this landing-point was a bit of n00b-central as well when I was there, pushing up my graphics and draw distance and got blown away by the view! This is not your ordinary shopping-mall….a majestic building, with a huge zeppelin flying over, glass rooftops, all very tasteful and in style. Inside the building are the shops, but I got so carried away with taking pictures on the outside I totally forgot to check out the stores!
(For the photo of the landing-point, the train-station, I waited patiently  to have it in view without an avatar, bu tafter 10 minutes I had to give in, so for the first time ever…..I derendered two n00bs to keep them out of my

Besides the train-station there is also a dock with zeppelins, and the whole structure gives plenty of space to walk around and zoom in and. I am not a builder, but I suspect most of the outside is done with textures rather than prims, or maybe it is mesh….I do not know, but it looks so good I do not really care either!

So. I have to go back for the shops! That is not a punishment :)






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  1. I really really want to know which windlight you use to cast these beautiful soft light on the building! You made them look like they came out from a painting!

    1. Hiya Aarya,
      The second picture in this blog is done with WL: Bristol and the last one with WL: Mescaline London 2050. I have tweaked both a bit and changed sun direction to get these effects.

      1. Owh…. how beautiful… where can I get these WL? o: Thank you very very much in advance! >///<

        1. Aarya, those windlights are in the latest Firestorm Viewer, you can copy them easily to any viewer you use (it’s what I did too). How to do that is explained in this page:

          1. Thank you very much again! I’m doing it right away! :D Thanks again for the tips, Miss Caitlin ^^

  2. Lola Ghost says:

    I’m so going to check this out!

    1. The shops are nice too, I went back..haha!

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