Luminarios Divide (gone)

Update 17 June 2013:
I checked this place out today, to make some more pictures, and got greeted by this message: ‘[02:34] Visitor Manager v1.1: Caitlin Tobias. Due to life events, The Divide will be shutting down within the next week. Much love to all my Supporters. The Divide -Will- return. Thanks to every one of you’


The Luminarios Divide is one of those places I had an LM for in my inventory and have NO idea who gave it to me……but, thanks! This (adult-rated) sim is wonderful!
I love floating islands in the sky and swampy-like ground-levels, and this place has it all, including some nice secluded spots with couples danceballs, or great places to chill and hang-out when you have to let all the impressions sink in. What I really loved was the way the islands in the sky are held up by a sort of steam-punk hot air-balloons and big chains!

From the land-info: ‘Luminarios Divide was created and imagined by Luminaer Moonflower, encouraged by Anitsas Gi’tli and is meant to be enjoyed by any and all who have a respect for creative beauty’
(Some rules apply, all to be found in the convenant of the sim, but really nothing special or strange. No RP requirements, even though the description says this is a RP sim, and all are welcome.)



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