Tell me a tale

What do you see in this picture:


A) An avatar in a pink polkadot dress
B) An avatar, dressed up like the test-female/old default avatar, but then in mesh, what a great vintage look!
C) An obvious troll, dressed up like a n00b, clearly out there in a Welcome Area to mock and ridicule new residents in their noob-looks!

No, you do not have to answer really…and also, all answers are right or they are all wrong. Because, we all see what we want to see as long as there is no explanation or context known, is there? Specially if one does not know the person who took this pic, or the person behind the avatar. One can basically only guess on what is going on.

Now, years and years ago, when I was that pink and glittery little Princess with lots of stories in her head,  my favourite fairy tale books were the kinds with lots of large pictures. I could spend hours and hours looking at them and live the stories in my head, not necesarily being the official fairy tale that was meant by the author/artists. Nope, I created my own!

I still do that, you know, I guess I am ‘blessed’ with some weird imagination. Some may call it ‘cursed’? I still love pictorial stories, because it allows me to wander off and see what I see. It may be quite different from what you see, isn´t that the beauty of it all?

´Tell me a tale that always was,
Sing me a song that I’ll always be in,
Tell me a story that I can read,
Tell me a story that I believe.
Paint me a picture that I can see,
Give me a touch that I can feel,
Turn me around so I can be,
Everything I was meant to be.´

* Dress by Vero Modero, Sandy Mesh Dress in Polkadot
* Hair, Truth – Crys in Ginger 04
Location: Waterhead Welcome Area

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