The Trace

The Trace is the new home of Kylie Jaxxon, who has generously opened her place to the public – after she has decorated and landscaped it for weeks. It is a wonderfully, tranquil place and even though it is half a sim, you get the feeling it is a whole region!
I love the variety and the smooth transition from a rainy forest with waterfalls and a quiet stream, to a sandy beach with seagulls and a deck  where you can sit and have a cool drink while watching the mountain range in the distance.

If you take the time to explore you will find some lovely details, hidden or in plain sight, definitely worth a visit and enjoy Kylie’s elegant way of landscaping and decorating!



One Comment Add yours

  1. kyliejaxxon says:

    Love it, Caity…thanks so much for your generous words :)

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