Gentopia 13

Usually I explore and blog about Moderate or General rated locations, but this morning I went to an Adult sim, so you are warned..haha. Nah, it is not about sex and nudity on Gentopia 13, although I am sure it happens, but I suppose the Adult rating is a consequence of the violent roleplay.
Gentopia 13 is a post-apocalyptic town, well…it used to be a town, with some amazing buildings and a grunge look and feel to suit the theme.

It is a Roleplay sim, but on the landingpoint you are invited to join the OOC-group, which then gives you the OOC-tag and then you are free to visit the sim as a visitor. There are no rules about getting dressed properly as a visitor but you are requested to keep your mouth shut when you encounter roleplayers and to indeed leave if you are asked to leave. Fair enough, I’ve seen way stricter rules that prevented me eventually from visit to a promising place!

On my visit this morning there was nobody around, so I had a whole sim to myself to enjoy and take pictures. The region’s windlight setting is quite dark, so I changed it to something a tad brighter for the photo’s.



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