My Single Frame Story: I believe

It has been a while since I last submitted an entry to the Single Frame Stories, but then again it is a matter of the right moment, the right inspiration and the right prompt. At least that is how it works for me. I need to get an instant idea when I read the prompt, because when I start thinking about it…it never works!

The prompt for this time is: I believe. And this is my entry.


You can see all entries in the Flickr group and of course on the website of Single Frame Stories when the gallery is posted.

Since I was playing with my Doll I took some more pics – oh duh! – and entertained myself with her on this gray, wet Sunday! I have a set on Flickr with most of my Doll pictures but I do want to point you to my favourite blog, featuring the Dolls, by Alles Klaar and Kynne Llewellyn: Dolls and Demons.



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