Open house: Maria Lynn Falls

Maria Lynn Falls is the private home of Mz Marville and Autom Nightfire and they have opened it to the public till 28th August, which is wonderful (and generous) as this place is gorgeous!
Inspired by Kerela, India, this is a real paradise including a variety of wildlife (always a plus in my book!) and wonderful spots with trees, flowers and waterfalls and I could only sigh a bit in envy…wishing I had a whole sim to play with….But, it is good there are plenty of places to explore and open houses are always particularly great as it gives inspiration and shows what others do in their Second Life!

If you have some time to spare….go visit this lovely place, before it closes again! There is also a Flickr group where you can add pics and look at amazing work from others!

Maria_Lynn_Fallls_001 Maria_Lynn_Fallls_002 Maria_Lynn_Fallls_003


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