My Man

So, I decided I needed a man.
As much as I like taking pictures of myself and cool places, for some moods and ‘art’ the presence of a real man is needed. And since I am too shy to ask someone and have no men lined up (well, other than my n00bs, but they don’t look hawt), I made my own man!

I spent hours on Marketplace for male skins, shapes, eyes, hair and clothes and got pretty desperate as I have no experience with shopping for a male at all. My goodness! So in the end I got a complete avatar from Aeros Avatars, dressed him up with jeans and shoes from Redgrave and a shirt from Kal Rau, got him some hair (also Redgrave) and I figured he was good to go! I bought all this as ‘gifts’ for my alt and MP did not let me down, all got delivered within seconds :).

Now I have my own man, who does everything I want and he is very patient when it comes to posing! I took him to Baja Norte for some pictures I had in mind, using poses from Exposeur and so I had a enjoyable afternoon, with myself, and I was pleasantly surprised on how well my machine kept going while logged in with two viewers for this photoshoot!


A Dolls Dream


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  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    They are really handy! I have my own since just a few months after I created my account in SL, and he’s also so patient! So silent! Always ready!

    (Way) In the past I took it to the extreme of bringing him with me to dance places, so I could listen to the singer while at the same time avoiding IM’s from other guys. (I’m a pathological shy one =) ).

    1. Ha Auryn…well, the thought has crossed my mind to give him a nice Tuxedo and take him dancing…just because I also like listening to the music and I love watching my all dressed up Caity dance with a handsome dude… but uhm, it may be a bit silly eh? I will stick to arty-poses for now…lol.

      1. Auryn Beorn says:

        Maybe a bit silly, but my being scared of guys in music&dance places at that time made it look as a good alternative to me *blushes*

        1. Heheh, sounds like me…..:) And I really stopped being a wallflower, I’d rather sit alone on my land than stand like an idiot in some place.. * goes browsing for tuxedo’s!

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