Musiclandia Paradiso

If you like music instruments and art…then you should visit the new art installation on LEA11, by Livio Korobase: Musiclandia Paradiso.

A watery sim, filled with giant instruments made with all kinds of fantasy textures, making it a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the view. And of course it is also a great place to take pictures if you are into that :). The landingpoint is in a small town plaza, which – once you start walking you will notice – is built under a giant piano!

Musiclandia_001 Musiclandia_002 Musiclandia_003

For my trip today I was wearing an almost complete white ensemble…My favourite Maitreya leggings, with a corset from Sakide (part of the Guardian outfit I bought at the Fairy Tales event in 2012), SLink mesh hands and Mandala bracelets and to spice it up: the ‘hair’ is from Discord Designs, the rainbow version, available at The 24 (a cacha item, so it took me 3 tries to get this colour, for 30 LS per try not too much!)



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