Black Clouds

A few months ago I injured myself during a workout, really stupid, but I did not gave it too much thought. I thought I just simply bruised my heel and the blister that appeared a couple of days later on that spot was a result of that.  The blister went, the bruise was sore for a while and went away too. And then they came back, both. To vanish again in a week or two. Three weeks ago however both the blister and the bruised feeling came back, out of the blue. And they stayed. In fact, the bruised feeling changed into pain and the blister was weird reddish and painful too.
Long story short, after some visits to the doctor I ended up in the hospital yesterday and they concluded it wasn’t a bruise, but a fracture/crack in my heelbone. Well done eh!
Anyway, the fracture was healed by now but left some infected tissue (so it wasn’t a blister…) and the heelbone is slightly damaged. The specialist ‘tsk’ed tsk’ed’ a few times at me, for having walked on this for months….. I had a minor surgery, they removed some infected tissue and then they wrapped my foot up in bandages and tape. Now I am not supposed to use my right foot till at least Monday night, when I am allowed to remove the bandages and tape.  Funny how often you use your right foot,  I am finding out now!

Black Clouds_001

So I sit and hang around a bit, with my foot raised and occasionally I hop around the house on my left leg. Thing is, I can’t take a proper shower, because the bandages have to stay dry.  I tried to fiddle with a plastic bag but gave up on that, I got so annoyed, so I decided to stay unwashed and just hang about in my yoga-wear with the curtains closed till all is safe again! It is good I already did all the groceries before the surgery, so I can stay undercover without starving….

Black Clouds_002

it’s good there is internet and Second Life to pass the time, so here I sit…with my foot on the desk, being grumpy, looking like trash and tired because I did not sleep that well and am considering hopping to the kitchen for a new coffee, but that sounds too much like effort at the moment.

The outfit I am wearing on the pics is from Tee*fy and called : Vanishing Clouds, in Noir, available at Designers United 5, which seemed appropriate as my mood is currently a big black cloud – now only it needs to vanish!
My hair is new from Truth – Rocky in light blonde and the cast and poses are from Adorkable.

Black Clouds_003

Pictures shot on location Baja Norte.


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  1. Heidi Volare says:

    Ouch! Oh my gosh, Caity. You poor woman. Take care, and I hope you’re on the mend soon. Look on the bright side, at least it was after cute sandal season…. =D

    1. Thanks Heidi…I will be fine in a couple of days :). I am known for being somewhat clumsy at times, and this is one of those things that happen!

  2. Lola Mielle says:

    omgosh! get well soon!

    1. Thanks Lola :), it’s a bit better today already, or maybe its the painkillers working hehe

  3. Becky says:

    I’ve had similar experiences where my body reminds me of with something I did to it weeks earlier – good on you for seeing someone about it before it got any worse. And hey, if you wait long enough without a shower, your body will start cleaning itself and show its relief from the absence all the toxins from all the bath products! Sure, you’ll be the neighbourhood bag lady by then, but so healthy and au natural! :)

    1. Hahah Becky, I LOL’ed @ au natural…..OMG. *me looks at plastic bag and considers giving it another try…..

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