The Fear of Fallen

Yesterday I went to The Fear of Fallen, Elemental Kingdom (Adult), for some photo’s and today I went back…for more, but now to feature the actual location rather than myself. Because it is worth it!  The dark, swampy, place is the home of the Fallen MC, although I wonder how a Motor Club manages to ride their bikes over the wooden paths and in the swamp, but hey…what do I know?

I did not see anyone, so I took the time to walk around and enjoyed the scenery, the buildings and the atmosphere. For my pictures in this blog I did not use the (too dark to my liking) regional windlight, but choose for a bit more light as to hightlight the great details!

Fallen_001 Fallen_002 Fallen_003

As often happens, I was not quite dressed to the theme of the location, but I do want to show off this new outfit from R2 I bought last night. I specially like the back of the “sailor” blouse, as it is open and shows my tattoo! The matching skirt (sold separately) is very mini,  fits good but you do need panties since the alpha-layer does not erase everything, unless of course you opt for going commando :).



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