The Trace – The Autumn of your dreams

Okay….another ‘revisited’ kind of post today, as I am home-bound with my foot still raised and bandaged (but doing much! better) and because The Trace, which I just visited, is really so much worth while another mention!

Kylie Jaxxon really outdid herself in transforming her home, which she has generously opened to the public,  into Autumn.  This summer/spring I was already impressed by her elegant way of creating a summer beach and forest, but this Autumn is absolutley  superb and amazing. It looks like the Autumn one can only dream about. Well, for me…as our Dutch Autumns are not that impressive.

I could not stop taking pictures of the trees, as it was kind of mesmerizing and extremely relaxing..the colours, the leaves, the everything….Lovely!

Go visit! Now! (before she shovels in the snow……)

Trace_autumn_003 Trace_autumn_002 Trace_autumn_001

Oh and if you go there, and you know you want to, and take pictures…do not forget to add them to The Trace Flickr Group. Well or at least have a look at those pics, my larger, original,  versions will be in there too  :P


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  1. It would be nice to have the SLurl as well, but the pics are just gr8 :)

    1. Thanks Celsthya. The SLURL is in the text, its the clickable link ‘TheTrace’ in the first paragraph – I always put LM’s in my blogposts :) But maybe its not as clear as I thought! (

  2. Becky says:

    I love the turning of the seasons in SL, it’s such a great way to re-invigorate a sim just as nature does every few months. And that reminds me… I have to get on that! Lovely images as always, Cait.

    1. Thanks Becky :) I will drop by at your place soon!

  3. kyliejaxxon says:

    Wow, spectacular job, as always, Caity <3 So glad you visited…we miss you!! LOL, you know me so well in the comment about snow, I'm already thinking what to do for winter :P

    1. Thanks Kylie, I enjoyed my visit and am even looking forward to the snow, but I hope you leave this up for a while first!

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