Romy Nayar’s Overto Omonto

In the past years I have enjoyed several art installations by Romy Nayar and I was happy to learn she has a new one, on MetaLES: Overto Omonto.

Overto Omonto is an interactive art installation, sim wide. It is the story of a city where people became isolated and stopped communicating with each-other and it is up to us,  the visitors,  to help them and set them free – of course this is optional. Instructions on how to do this you will get in a notecard upon landingpoint. You can do this ‘quest’ walking or even by car!

The city Romy built has indeed a tragic look and feel and the characters are wonderfully made and placed in scenes that really pictures them alone and lonely.

Overto Momento - I Overto Momento - II Overto Momento - III


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