Nagare and memories of past joys

A couple of days ago I visited Nagare – Home of the Blue Lotus Clan. A clan of Samurai, using the C:si Combat System, the system I have used for years and I still have all the Katana’s in my inventory!

I was amazed on how pretty this combat-sims looks..I guess times have changed regarding performance as in ..ahem..’my time’ most C:si combat sims were almost empty as to prevent lag and to avoid fighters having to rez too many objects – everything for a good fight!

Nagare has some pretty buildings and it was wonderful to walk around in the type of environment I know so well, it almost felt like home, but not really…My Katana-fighting days are definitely over and in the past and it has become a fond memory of good times and lots of fun.

You can visit this sim without worrying about the combat, Samurai clans in C:si will never just attack anyone – a fight can only begin when all parties agree and are ready, besides that you will need the C:si combat Katana and fights are always on a mat or a special arena, leaving enough room for visitors and explorers to walk around or: watch the fights (recommended if you go there and fighters are busy, do watch a few fights!).

Nagare - II Nagare - III

“I must say that to die with one’s sword still sheathed is most regrettable.”
― Miyamoto Musashi

Nagare - I


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  1. Thank you, Cato! Aww, good memories indeed… I wish you still swung your katana from time to time :) Please come visit us whenever you feel like it!

    1. Lila! Now there’s a name from the past :). Thanks for the invitation, I will surely visit again but will leave my (rusty) Katana’s in my inventory, I think I forgot how to use them and besides that I miss most of the WASDEC keys on my keyboard – also a memory off the many fights :p.

  2. Oh my god… what did you do with those keys, one wonders :P Be sure that I’ll be looking forward to see you anytime :D

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