Ginger’s Halloween in Samurai Village

Yeah, a second blog-post tonight, the joy of insomnia and a brain that keeps going..and….well, I had this place on my list already and sneaked Berry’s challenge in between the explorer posts..

So. Samurai Village! This sim (no Samurai to be found!) is  the private home of the lovely Ginger Krokus, and she has generously opened her place to the public for this coming Halloween, as she has decorated it in style and with grace, for all to enjoy!

I am the first to admit I have NOTHING with Halloween, so this will probably be the only post on my blog covering a Halloween themed location. I think I am too Dutch for it, we do not have Halloween over here, I only know it from the movies and from Second Life. Which is fine, I kinda like the decorations and the occasional themed party in Second Life, but I just do not have the overall excitement and feeling of ‘holiday’.

I went to Ginger’s place and was pleasantly surprised, is Halloween themed, very nicely done and it may as well be a ‘dark Autumn’ park, great for seasonal photo-shoots and playing around with windlights.

Please keep in mind this is a private home ( I do not know how long it will be open to the public, but I guess at least till Halloween), a tipjar is located near the landing-point, so you may consider a donation for a time well spent and as appreciation, but surely pay it a visit as it is worth it!
(my original, larger, images are added to Ginger’s Samurai Village Flickr Group in which you can add yours too, or just look at what others posted!)

samurai city - I samurai city - II samurai city - III samurai city - IV


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  1. kyliejaxxon says:

    Wow, Caity…love the bridge shot!!

    1. Thanks Kylie! I got a bit carried away experimenting with increased glow, but it turned out okay :)

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