Perfect day……

Actually I was preparing this blogpost for tomorrow, with pictures I took in Asallia House. I do not know Asallia, but for some reason I had the LM to this private home in my inventory and since it is so amazing and lovely and: open to the public, I needed to blog about it.

I have not changed windlights for my pictures in this blog, but only used the region default one, as it felt so good….The bridges, the blue water and foggy distance, the colours, it made it some sort of perfect day and when I read Lou Reed has passed away today, while I was preparing these pictures a song never felt so appropriate…

Asallia’s home is a piece of paradise, an oasis in the middle of Halloween season and perfect for those who just want a pretty view, blue skies and oceans and well…go see it for yourself? In the little house is a tipjar in the kitchen, you may want to leave a donation as an appreciation :).

Asallia House - I Asallia House - II Asallia House - III

‘Just a perfect day
Problems all left alone
Weekenders on our own
It’s such fun’


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