Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill Haunted Mines is a so called ‘haunted’ location, as it is the season after all eh? In the mine, which you will find when you have passed the market, you can participate in a Quest and collect prizes, seasonal themed of course!

Now, I still don’t ‘do’ Halloween, but Cherry Hill is a lovely photogenic location once you switch over to a brighter windlight and go exploring! If you are, like me, not so much into the dark adventures, Cherry Hill also offers luch green forests with hiking trails and waterfalls to enjoy! (OK, I admit..I have derender a ghost. Or maybe two….:p)

It will be open till 1 November, so you have a couple of days left to either do the Quest in the dark mines or have a nice stroll in the woods :)

Edit to add: for the creepy side of this place, see Honour’s blogpost :)

Cherry Hill - I Cherry Hill - II Cherry Hill - III


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  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Quite enchanting! :) Happy Halloween!

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