Happy Mood in Winter

As much as I enjoyed the colourful Autumn sims, I am delighted that now, slowly, some of my favourite locations are turning into winter settings. I think it has to do with my obvious preference for bright and white pictures, like in summer and spring, as well as the fact Autumn is my least favourite season in real life.
This morning I visited an all time favourite of mine, Happy Mood. A whimsical place with lovely landscaping and decorations, with a touch of magic!

There is still a bit of green here and there, but most of the place is covered in snow and ice and you can almost feel the crispy, cold air!

Happy Mood - I Happy Mood - II Happy Mood - III Happy Mood - IV


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kyliejaxxon says:

    Can’t wait for Zigana, she too, always does it up nice :p

    1. Heh Kylie! And I can’t wait for The Trace :P

  2. Moco Scribe says:

    Really beautiful photos!

  3. Amor Paz says:

    went there and see it springny …

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