Past and Present

When Don and I met for the first time, many years ago, we both looked different…although not so much as I thought. After Don had his picture taken by Trinetty Skytower, picturing him with both a young and mature face (THIS is the most awesome portrait I have ever seen!), we got inspired to make pictures of us two – and see the differences in how we used to look. We did not literally go back to 2009, we re-created our looks with current (mesh) items.

Over the years Don has turned into a sophisticated, mature,  gentleman and lost vision in one eye. Caity slowly transformed to a less human girl, with her elf ears and demon hands.

Aw, to be young again....
Aw, to be young again….

It was fun, to dress up old-style, but for some reason it didn’t feel like it was us? Funny how you slowly but surely get used, or attached even, to your avatar the more you develop it. I missed my ears and hands, Don felt weird in his young skin and without his monocle!


It was a cool experiment, but we were both glad to turn back to our present looks!


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