A Postcard Christmas

Every year when it gets near halfway December, I get a shock when realising how fast Christmas is approaching. To me it always feels like it is suddenly there, while I am still in Autumn-mode…

In SL things go even faster, Christmas decorations all over the place – even before the 5th of December…in my world a NO. But I am used to it by now and usually try to ignore it for as long as possible. (In RL I start decorating a bit around the 20th December and I always put my tree up on Christmas Eve), but eventually have to give in….So, this blogpost is about a Christmas location, which is very much worth a visit as it is magical and very photogenic – once you find a nice WL setting.

‘A Postcard Christmas’ is bright, white and festive, with lots of nice views, spots and activities as ice-skating! When I arrived on the landingpoint I was in Ultra Graphics and all bells and whistles enabled in a way too bright WL, so I got blinded and overwhelmed and almost tp’ed out in panic! I am glad I did not, but choose a softer light (Annan Adored – Dusty, works wonderful here) and walked int to sim to explore.

Postcard - I Postcard - II Postcard - III

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  1. Claire says:

    The time befor christmas we call it “Advent”. It starts 4 sundays befor christmas… so we need the the christmas decoration :-)… more infos? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advent

  2. zavera says:

    Love the vintage Snow Scinery here!

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