Behind the scenes – life of a blogger/photographer

Being a blogger who takes photography very, very serious (hah!), I thought it would be nice to share the terrible conditions and situations I have to endure on a daily basis, in order to make happy and pretty pictures.

It is not easy being an SL Blogger/Photographer! The continuous struggle to find the right windlight, that perfect shadow, the right amount of sunlight and so on. It is not at all just matter of sitting on my ass and click away. No, no, NO! It takes time, effort, lots of coffee (and cigarettes) and on some days even alcohol is involved to produce something worthwhile to publish.  Yes, dear reader…the trouble I go through for a post is sometimes too much. But, on some days I realise I have to man up..well, woman up, and try to stay zen. (occasionally logging off out of sheer frustration helps too).

Today was one of them days. It seemed the whole grid including all its wonderful residents was out there to get me and frustrate me. Photobombing and flying shoes, all part of the torture I went through for some simple pictures of a new gown, a dance and a pretty sunset….To illustrate what my day was like, I took pictures, of course – it is what I do! – to share with you.

I got this stunning gown from Junbug ‘Bel Fiore’ – it comes with a colour hud for many options – and wanted to make a photo showing it off, whilst wearing my new skin (Glam Affair Neva Frost – @ Frost) and this is the picture I had in mind:

Junbug's Bel Fiore and Glam Affair Neva Frost
Junbug’s Bel Fiore and Glam Affair Neva Frost

I took this picture on A Postcard Christmas, as I always prefer photo’s on location, and when I arrived it was all empty – not a soul on the sim. By the time I had my pose, windlights and settings as I wanted, this happened:

By all means, why don't you indeed stand there for 7 mins?!
By all means, why don’t you indeed stand there for 7 mins being all silent!?!

Classic Photobombing eh, it happens a lot. To me.
Besides photobombing there was the mystery of the floating shoe tonight…..Don took me out for a dance, so I could show off this gown and all, and I have no idea why, but he was wearing an extra shoe. In my back. How romantic?! Even after relogging, the shoe stayed where it was. Oh well. I took a photo from an different angle, keeping Don’s extra footwear out of my view.

No 3rd shoe in sight here!
No 3rd shoe in sight here!
Well, how charming is this ?!
Well, how charming is this ?!

In need of something pretty and less stressful, I went to Yuki No Yume for a sunset picture, I always find that relaxing. Well untill today…

Sure, no in my sunset with your big hair!
Sure, no problem…land in my sunset with your big hair!

In all honesty, the photobomber on the last picture apologised when he realised he landed on me :). I also know how to derender avatars, but I rarely do that, instead I just wait till they walk away. So I can moan and complain to myself and make another coffee!

PS: A while back I created a group on Flickr ‘Being silly in Second Life’, for all those awkward moments and other silly moments in SL, feel free to add your most embarrassing moments too, let’s just laugh …and have a coffee!


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  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    I know it’s wrong, but I’ve laughed loud with this. My apologies.

    1. Hahaha, I laughed too. And made another coffee :))

  2. tippah says:

    I totally hear you……I think I could write a book about on-location frustrations! Xx

  3. lol so true – in my case you need to add.. finally perfect pose, perfect windlight, click camera icon – crash!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Caitlin …I always derender irritating avatars who intrude into my pics. The derender button is your friend!! ^^

  5. omg so funny caitlin this post really made my day ;)

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